d-tower admin interface finished

After locking myself up for two weeks with php, css and html i finished the administrative interface for D-Toren.

D-Toren is an interactive architectural piece located in Doetinchem. The color of the tower changes according to the mood of the people in Doetinchem. The mood is measured according to answers on a questionaire created by Qs Serafijn. The tower is created by Lars Spuybroek (NOX). My part in this project was the website backend (dbase, java servlets etc) and hardware interfacing with the tower.

Also see: www.d-toren.info and the webcam (the tower might change color somewhere around 20:00u local time)


One Response to “d-tower admin interface finished”

  1. Amelia Cornwell Says:

    I am a graduate architecture student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and I am doing a case study on the D-Tower. I am having trouble getting the website to load… I click on start and it shows a screen with QS Serafin’s drawing of the tower saying the network connection failed to load. Is there anything I can do?

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