The last project i’ve been working on was a very cool 3 month wearables workshop organized by the Piet Zwart Institute for their 4 1st year Media Design MA students. The workshop was run by Kristina Andersen. Stock (v2_lab collegue) and I were there for hardware and software support.

A description ripped of the presentation inviation should make more clear:

[quote] with affect and desire as our starting point, our methods
of exploration has varied from hacking and re-appropriating
existing technological objects, quick and dirty prototyping,
to development of soft and hardware and formal writing.
through this process we have attempted to realise our
wearable objects of desire…[/quote]

For now i only have urls of two of the projects (i guess the other two have no sites yet)

sonic jacket by Dragana Antic
This one needed an extra driver adjustement for the UCB1400 on the gumstix audiostix board to expose the 10 GPIO ports of this chip. I’ll make a patch available soon (if you can’t wait mail me and you’ll get the dirty one).
Furthermore it uses flac audio codec for real-time encoding of live recorded audio, while decoding at the same time. This all happens on a gumstix basic 400Mhz. (I’ll make the flac gumstix makefiles available soon too. But if in a hurry the same as the driver patch).

fuse by Cheryl Gallaway
This other very cool project made use of a basic stamp, 49 bi-color leds and an infrared transceiver. Although a basic stamp is nice for rapid prototyping, if you have to do critical timing (as was needed for the IR-transceiver) it is no good. As a result of that the fusing of the symbols only worked under very controlled conditions (but horribly slow).


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