Liking road cycling and gadgets you can hook up to a computer i just bought a Ciclosport Hac4 heartrate monitor with lots of functions and cadence sensor (hac4 at hartslagmetershop.nl). It comes with a usb interface for sending stored data to a computer. This usb interface is actually just a serial to usb converter and data transmission is still only 9600 bauds …. brrr. So the first thing to do was to see if it will work on my linux box without having to make an alternative interface. Fortunately opening the interface shows a single FTDI FT232BL chip which is supported since 2.4, so no problems. Next thing is to see if there are some linux based tools already out there so i don’t have to use the shitty windows based software (why do those cool gadgets always come with crap software ?????). I found hac4linux which seems like a nice replacement. It prints the graphs niceley and no fuzz around it. There are some points i don’t like and might fix later, for now it is a very nice tool. It also supports a number of other devices like the polar S710.

Further, to make my training life a bit easier i wrote two little tools. One to compute my training zones according to the karvonen formula based on max hart rate and rest hart rate. The other one lets me see what speed a certain gear ratio and cadence combinaton gives.
Both can be found here.


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