new wheels

Recently i decided to build me a cool new roadbike. I now have a second hand steel koga monster, which is a very nice bike actually and still in good shape, but with 10+ kg a bit on the heavy side. So, as i like to build things and a bike is not silicium related it seemed a nice challenge.

The first part i decided to go for was a vanTuyl frame which i could get cheap because it’s a last years model. They even paint it nice matte black for me. Unfortunately it still has to return from the paintshop so i’ll have to be patient.

But on the good side… today my new wheelset came in. The mavic cosmic elite 05, and they look cool!!. Darn thing is that some days after i ordered them stumbled upon a site where they got some bad user reviews. They also got an equal amount of very positive reviews to though. It looks a bit like there’s an equal amount of getting a good or a bad set… so let’s hope chances are with me. I do have to buy some good rimtape though as they came with some very scary looking plastic ones. I don’t dare to put my tubes between those sharp looking edges.
More will be coming up as soon new parts arrive


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