luxman A-383, scope & logic analyzer

Long time no post.
Last time i’ve been really busy with passepartout, a long term research project at V2_. The project is eating all my spare time and blogging is low on priority list.
There is one interesting development however; my amplifier broke.
Well, it is actually very sad, it is a 1993 Luxman A-383. Quite a beast but perfect sound. Thanks to Sven Eiman i now have the service manual with all electric diagrams and part lists.

Also today my pc based logic analyzer and oscilloscope, a BitScope BS50U pocket version, came in. I’m quite happy now, have wanted such a thing since i was 12 or so. It is a nice piece of equipment for hobby purposes and for persons like me who don’t have that much space to place a 60cm deep analog scope (and not the least important; don’t have the big bucks). The best thing is that it is a complete open hardware design, and the software also runs on linux which is rare with these kind of tools.

This weekend i start repairing and hopefully with success….


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