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Tweet Bubble Series

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We finished the tweet bubble series for Aram Bartholl residency at V2_. The residency results have been presented during V2_ TestLab: Fashoinable Technology. Below the original post from V2_lab blog:

The Tweet Bubble Series consists of four wearable speech bubble prototypes developed in collaboration between artist Aram Bartholl and V2_Lab.

TweetAll four prototypes reflect on the micro blogging service ‘Twitter’; a relatively new Web2.0 platform that fills up the gap between blogging, instant messaging, and SMS. All messages posted on Twitter are public by default and stored as single HTML pages. Due to Twitter’s growing success, the platform is about to become a standard communication tool. The way in which Twitter is used to communicate within a social network is largely shaped by the absence of physical proximity between users and the relative anonymous social exchange that the platform allows. To deeper investigate into the role of this absence of physical proximity and relative anonymous exchange in the use of Twitter, the central question to the wearable speech bubble prototypes is: What would it be like to not only show your latest message online, but to also publicly display it on your T-shirt?
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Wearable Sound Experiment

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The 16th and 17th of May V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media held a 2-day workshop on wearable technology lead by Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson aka Kobakant.


After the workshop introduction and meeting round participants were split up into two groups to distribute the wide variety of skills. The background of participants was broad (ranging from industrial designers to fashion designers to hard- and software developers). As the average knowledge of the participants was quite high, the goal of the workshop was ambitious: create a performative sound experiment.

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Sharewear on Dance Tech Interactive

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Sharewear on dance-tech
@ Eyebeam’s Mixer 09 party expo, March 07.09

Urban Space, Time to Play

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Spot-railway Shanghai20081022_DSC02030_83-7120081022_DSC02038_83-72

V2_ workshop at eARTS Shanghai led by invited artists Aram Bartholl and Daan Roosegaarde, and supported by Simon de Bakker (me) en Michel van Dartel of the V2_Lab. I was there to give the basic electronics and arduino introduction and to help the students to get their works working.

V2_ workshop description
eArts workshop announcement
Workshop pictures

39 seconds Hive@Soft(n)

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Reportage about Deaf07 and Hive/Soft(n) Workshop @ Deaf07

Posted in Arts, Uncategorized, V2_ on June 26, 2007 by Simon

Deaf Rotterdam
Uploaded by leparisdelaculture

Soft(n) is over… for now

Posted in Arts, V2_ with tags , on April 17, 2007 by Simon

Deaf07 was killing but fun. The Soft(n) pillows were working quite well and people really seemed to enjoy them softness and funny sounds they made (thanks to Mark Brady, a very cool guy who came over from Vancouver, Canada to help us out on sound!).

Saturday and Sunday were the days of the Soft(n)/Hives workshop. Only though we had just two participants the workshop was quite a success. Images captured by the Hives Scouts were tagged and shown based on how the Soft(n) objects were handled. Which worked quite well.

Unfortunately i have have had no time to really attend talks or enjoy the rest of the festival nor go to Undeaf. But well, now it’s time for some relaxing.