Amsterdam prijsobject (bluespam)

Amsterdam prijsobject/ stadsmarkering: Location dependent sending of content to people passing by with bluetooth-enabled devices. Devices, based on Gumstix hardware, represent prizes awarded bij the AFK (Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunsten). Developed in cooperation with Airplant. The prize-object will be operational in 2006 (tbc).


3 Responses to “Amsterdam prijsobject (bluespam)”

  1. Hi.

    I was trying to download the bluespam. unfortunately I found that I can not download it due to the server change. I got the page not found error. The link to the bluespam itself is and the btopush is also in the same path, which seems not to exist! any way, could you please give me link to a site to download the software and the documentation? thanks

  2. Thanks for the remark, I forgot to update the links.
    They should be fine now.

  3. Thanks a lot for the repair. I have just download the code. But I guess You forgot to change the links to wordpress, since the documents are still unavailable. I will be grateful if you could change that too. by the way, I liked your project very much. I want to develope a same project to utilize it as an advertizer using multiple dongles in the area. It will be worthful if I could be in touch with you. could you polease give me your email or so ?

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