Worn workshop
Piet Zwart Institute, June 2005

Wearable technology and development: For the Media-Design students of the Piet Zwart academy in Rotterdam, Kristina Andersen, STEIM and V2_lab organized a 3-month course of workshops on Wearable Devices. After a crash-course in “basic electronics & signals”, a Wearable System was designed & built, for and with each of the 4 students. Because of the individuality of each student’s project, a wide range of analog & digital, wired & wireless technologies was used, with varying degrees of complexity. Based on the experiences a short paper has been written which elaborates on the applied methods and the anticipated results during the workshop. The paper was accepted for the Wearable Futures conference.

The 4 worn projects:

Fuse wearable wrist display (Cheryl Galloway)
A wrist band with programmable LED display and controller. The LED display visualizes the ‘fuse’ between people who are close. Close interaction augmented by the merging of visual data. A form of expression and the fuse between people is visualized.

Fuse site

Sonic Jacket (Dragana Antić)
A wearable computing appliance for contemporary nomads. The concept of the Sonic Jacket came out from the desire to travel around the world and gather experience from meeting people of other cultures, visiting diverse and interesting places and sharing this experience later with friends, family and other people.

Sonic jacket site

Desire (Sasson Kung)
This project aims to create a special garment for the ideal dancing partner. The extremes are combined: old (traditional chinese clothes…) and new (…with integrated sensors and LEDs), real (a dancing partner) and unreal (a virtual dancer projected by the computer), east and west, etc.

Desire site

Noise for Noise (Tsila Hassine)
A guerilla device to reclaim our public space! When a cellphone conversation is detected the N4N device injects an annoying audio message into it, which repeats until the original conversation is destroyed.

Noise for Noise site


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