Felt Circuit Board

A CCB (Cutout(tm) circuit board) on a felt carrier.

This is a first try-out of using felt and CCBs. After cutting out the circuit it is stuck on a piece of felt. Hopefully the next version will look a bit more tidy.

The knit thing on the right is a knitted pressure sensor knitted on a knitting machine by colleague Piem. Notice how the LED blinks faster when the pressure increases.

Posted from JoSoS on Flickr: Felt Circuit Board


One Response to “Felt Circuit Board”

  1. […] With a little penknife, tweezers and care it is fairly easy to remove the circuit as a whole from its backing. Carefully slide the knife under the circuit bit by bit while holding it with the tweezers until the whole circuit comes off. The circuit can now be stuck on something else; textile in our case (see for example our first flexible circuit on felt test) […]

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